Here's a List of All Our Open Studies

  1. Study #60: Modern Life CVT - Recruiting!

  2. Study #61: Outlook for Mac - Coming Soon!

  3. Study #62: Speech to Text Users with Arthritis - Coming Soon!

  4. Study #63 AT Journey Map Survey - Recruiting!

  5. Study #64 Game Bar on Windows 10 - Recruiting!

Smiling man using an adaptive mouth device connected to his wheelchair while working on his laptop with another woman who is also smiling and working on her laptop next to him
magnifying glass being held up to a nano-chip soldered onto a blue, black, & silver PCB board
Person holding cellphone with Be My Eyes, a smartphone app for Blind or Low Vision people, connected to Microsoft’s Disability Answer Desk via a new feature called Specialized Help. (overlaid white text at bottom of photo reads, “{app logo} Be My Eyes + {company logo} Microsoft”). Photo retrieved from:
Young man in a wheelchair playing a physically interactive video game at Shepherd Center while a research PI & physical therapist observes and moderates his activity.

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