Accessibility User Research Collective

Person typing on a braille keyboard
Smiling woman in a wheelchair doing design work on her Microsoft laptop with her colleagues behind her
Smiling adolescent boy in a wheelchair and neck brace wearing Microsoft headphones and using the Xbox Adaptive Controller to play video games with a friend.
Computer keyboard with a glowing, green “Accessibility” key

Connecting people with disabilities to research at Microsoft in order to help build more accessible products. 

Blind man listening to his cell phone as he speaks with a  Disability Answer Desk  representative at Microsoft using the Be My Eyes app

The Accessibility User Research Collective (AURC) is a U.S.-based national community of people with all types of disabilities interested in helping make Microsoft technology more accessible and usable. 

The AURC is organized and maintained by assistive technology & accessibility researchers at Shepherd Center.

Visit to learn about current research projects at Shepherd Center.

People with disabilities join the Accessibility User Research Collective (AURC) to:

  1. Become part of our research collective by taking a short survey.

  2. Participate in usability studies conducted by Microsoft and receive participation incentives.

  3. Help shape the accessibility and usability of Microsoft technology by providing valuable feedback.

People working together at a table on various types of devices (laptops, tablets, cell phones) with an overlaid network of white, overlapping vectors connecting multiple electronic profile icons. Symbolizes the expanse & impact of a social network

Create a Network

Smiling man in a wheelchair working on his Microsoft laptop in a sunny home-office while having a conversation with someone on his cellphone

Provide User Feedback

UX/UI designers collaborating on a whiteboard (with sticky notes, colored markers, story-boards, process-flow-charts, and concept sketches) for the ideation phase of a mobile app development and interface design project

Inform Microsoft Product Development

Smiling man using a respiration/tracheal tube for assisted ventilation in a wheelchair while using Microsoft technology and programming software displayed on multiple monitors  Microsoft Accessibility (2018). Retrieved from

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Every effort has been made to make this website accessible. If you encounter any difficulties using our website please contact us.